Gabriel Klavun

Gabriel Klavun is a multi-faceted artist and multi-media specialist in the following areas:



Gabe Klavun - Vocal Performance

"Voice & Mouth" is a style of singing which involves the performance of all instrumentation of a song without the use of instruments. One could think of it as an evolution of traditional A Capella. Gabriel has been performing a series of songs, creating his own arrangements, by recording his own voice in multiple layers to create the sounds of the whole band using only Voice & Mouth, including percussion. Please visit his Voice & Mouth performance web site:

Currently these videos, which show all parts of the Voice & Mouth performance, have received over 100,000 views on YouTube




Gabriel Klavun - Composer

Gabriel Klavun is currently in the process of writing a series of new songs in the pop/rock genre.


Gabriel also scored (and wrote and directed) the feature film Primal Legacy. Samples from the score are available by request. New music being created for film will be available online in the near future. Being a director as well as a composer gives Gabriel Klavun added insight into scoring your project.

STORM FRONT - classical film score composition


In 2001, Gabriel recorded and produced the Berkshire Music Project, a compilation of local singer-songwriters from the Berkshires of Massachusetts. The tracks from the album can be heard on radio stations to this day.


Listen to more songs.




Gabriel Klavun - 3D Computer Graphics CG Animation

Samples of 3D animations created by Gabriel Klavun can be found on the Motmot Studios Animation page. Additional works are available by request.




Gabriel Klavun - Digital Effects

Gabriel Klavun can create astounding chroma key effects for films of most any budget. Immerse your actors completely into a computer generated world by combining chroma key footage with 3D computer graphics. For samples, visit the Motmot Studios Special Effects page.




Gabriel Klavun - Film and Video production

Gabriel Klavun has experience in screenwriting and movie production. He has written two feature length scripts and a number of short film scripts, also offering the ability to consult during pre-production on new projects. He has written, shot and directed several short films one of which, "Whose Time Is It Anyway?" (click here to view), has been screened in several short film festivals in New York City.

Gabriel won a production grant from the Digital Film Academy in New York City, leading to his writing, directing and scoring the feature film Primal Legacy.

Gabriel also produced and directed IMPROV! on CTSB TV.




Gabriel Klavun - Web Site Development

Online portfolio has not been updated since 2011. Please contact for more recent work.

Gabriel Klavun owns and is the lead developer of Motmot Studios web development, offering services for all types of web site needs, from creating custom Content Management Systems to custom Social Networking sites.

For details of available services click here. To view a portfolio of web site work click here.




Gabriel Klavun - Photography

Gabriel Klavun has had his art displayed in several galleries and public venues. Click here for a slideshow of his work.




Gabriel Klavun - Contact

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Gabriel Klavun - Press and News

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